Advantages of Near Net Shape Forming for Suspension Components


One of the major advantages of metal forming processes is their capability to produce Near Net Shape or Net Shape components that require less or, respectively, no further machining before going into the assembly.
By choosing and applying the right forming technology, material waste as well as the extent of subsequent finishing operations can be significantly reduced.
If machining operations can be completely avoided, the material integrity can be maintained also in the area of undercuts. Under dynamic loads, this contributes to an improved fatigue behavior of the respective component.
The product family of the cold formed SBL Housings is an example for the consequent application of Net Shape technology. By means of a forming operation patented by MFCS Presswerk Krefeld these parts can be produced from wire without any additional machining operation.
Compared to the conventional production route involving machining from a bar, a tube, or from blanks, PWK was able to significantly reduce production cost.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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