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MacLean-Fogg has been the leader in the unitized Wheel Bearing Nut Systems for over a decade with our innovative Axilok product. The tradition of innovative products continues with the Integralok.

The introduction of Pre-set hubs eliminated the need for field-setting of wheel bearing end play, but also increased required torque values for steer, drive and trailer hub spindle nuts.

Increased torque requirements put several spindle nut solutions at risk of failure, creating the need for a robust design with superior clamping force, ease of installation and an automatic locking feature that virtually eliminates “back-off”.

MacLean-Fogg’s heavy truck group developed Integralok™ and rigorously tested the design in our laboratory and on a test track. Not surprisingly, the results were outstanding.

Integralok™ exhibits:

  • Higher initial clamp load than any of today’s spindle nut solutions
  • Extraordinary resistance to locking collar back-off
  • Ease of installation with standard shop tools
  • Cost-savings in inventory and installation compared to competition

The Integralok system is an integrated assembly comprised of four components: a nut, a hardened steel washer, a locking collar and a spring. The nut is forged steel and incorporates a series of locking segments that engage with the locking collar to eliminate nut rotation. The locking collar is spring biased to always force the system to “lock”. A one-way ratchet design allows the nut to be installed without having to disengage the lock, but removal of the nut requires depressing the lock collar to unlock the system.

The benefits of the Integralok are:

  • Installation torque same as current solutions
  • Triple redundant locking interfaces resist vibration induced back-off meaning Lower maintenance costs
  • High clamp load values maintained meaning hub component wear-and-tear reduced
  • Design requires no installer intervention to assure the security of joint

Please contact us to discuss how Integralok can be applied to your truck or trailer program

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