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Linkage and Suspension Components: IBJ Housings

IBJ Housings Key Details

The Inner Ball Joint (IBJ) Housing is a safety-critical component of the axial joint that transmits steering loads through the tie rod and the outer joint to the front wheels.

Our IBJ housings are cold-formed, near net-shape and can be supplied with rolled threads.

Contact us to discuss how MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions can near net-shape form the IBJ Housing for your next vehicle program.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kettering University Wins the MacLean-Fogg Cup

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions congratulates Kettering University for winning the internal combustion division of the 2014 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge held March 3-8 at Michigan Tech University's Keweenaw Research Center. This collegiate design competition challenges teams to reengineer an existing snowmobile to improve environmental performance. Modified snowmobiles then compete in a variety of events including emissions, noise, fuel economy/endurance, and more. » Continue Reading