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Two-Way® Lock Nut

Two-Way® Lock Nut Key Details

The Two-Way® Lock Nut is a one piece, all metal, prevailing torque lock nut with a deflected thread locking element in the center of the nut. Our lock nut is always right side up. It's double chamfered - top and bottom alike, and can be applied from either direction. Because of its simple, one piece, all metal construction, it fits standard socket wrenches and is reusable 5 times or more under normal conditions. 

Designed with a lock in the center, the Two-Way® Lock Nut permits the use of shorter bolts. Bolt threads need not protrude from top the nut for the lock to work properly, saving on the length, cost, and weight of the completed product. 

Two-Way® Lock Nuts are also automatable, as they can be applied on automatic assembly lines without the use of selective devices. 

To purchase our Two-Way® Lock Nuts, contact us at 847-566-0010, or by visiting our Contact Us page. 


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