Our People


MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions is a leading supplier of Fastener Components, Engineered Components and Engineered Plastics serving many diverse industries.

Our highly skilled, motivated and competent people are, without question, our most significant asset.  The employees of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions embody the spirit and character traits that are highlighted in our so called “Winning Formula”.  All employees, current and future, are expected to demonstrate the following abilities and skills:

Strike the balance between developing MFCS as a professional business while retaining an entrepreneurial culture
• Guardian of the MacLean-Fogg culture
• Operates from an MFCS mindset;  leads as a business owner
• Creates and adheres to strategic direction over time
• Makes tough strategic decisions based on hard facts, analysis and logic
• Takes risks and learns from mistakes supported by data

Identify and drive customer focused marketplace opportunities
• Adapts mindset and behaviors to meet the demands of an increasingly diverse customer base without sacrificing profitability
• Innovates solutions to introduce to new customers
• Promotes technical leadership, providing focus and encouraging creativity to leverage strategic engineering emphasis
•  Identify and drive operational excellence through discipline and process
• Understands and uses levers that drive cash flow
• Spots redundancies, maps out lean structure to execute strategy and acts decisively (embraces a Lean Culture)
• Ability to restructure and rapidly build capability
• Identifies and institutes required controls and processes
•  Committed to building organizational talent
• Fosters a performance management culture through role-modeling and direct formal and informal communication
• Selects high caliber talent aligned with the strategic needs of the organization
• Communicates effectively and frequently to employees when leading change
• Actively leads change by articulating vision and removing obstacles
• Develops a robust pipeline of talent
• Fosters an environment that promotes continuous learning and innovation

Incorporate an International mind-set in decisions and actions
• Takes initiative to gain exposure to geographies outside own accountability
• Demonstrates an appreciation of how work gets done in other countries
• Curious, flexible and adaptable to learn, think and operate within a different cultural frame
• Implements worldwide best practices learned from several geographies

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