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Fastener Components: MacLite3

MacLite3 Key Details

Introducing MacLite3: the future of fastener light-weighting. MacLite3 was born out of the need to poke-yoke an application for a customer, and in doing so we were able to reduce mass of the part by up to 18% with our unique three-sided design. Although MacLite3 features a trilateral design, the ingenious fastener needs no special tooling. All versions work seamlessly with standard hex and six lobe sockets to drive and loosen.

MacLite3 benefits include:

- Reduction of mass up to 18%

- Estimated savings of 2.5 lbs for an SUV or Truck if all nuts are changed to MacLite3

- Performance data equal to that of a hex flange nut

- Part can be locked by adding a prevaling torque feature

- Uses standard hex or six-lobe sockets to drive and loosen

MacLite3 is also available in a Stainless-Steel Capped Wheel Fastener design with OEM quality approved for appearance and durability.

To purchase our MacLite3 fasteners, contact us at 847-566-0010, or by visiting our Contact Us page. 


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