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Fastener Components: Decorex®

Decorex® Key Details

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions is the market leader in decorative cap wheel fasteners for automotive applications. Our proprietary technology yields a stainless steel capped wheel fastener that provides industry-leading cap durability and a modern stylish look without using chrome.  This way, we avoid the rust and chrome delamination issues of competing products. We offer designs customizable to customer requirements, and variations are available that can be applied to aluminum wheels without the need for a steel insert.

Our variety of friction-controlled coatings enable clamp-load certainty and durability.

Decorex® fastener components are available in a wide range of sizes for wheel nuts and wheel bolts.

Dual function designs are available with capability to retain decorative wheel trim in addition to wheels.

High performance designs featuring a captive floating washer are also available.

Decorex® wheel fasteners can be found on original equipment vehicles in all major markets built by the world’s leading OEMs.

OEMs, please contact us to discuss adding the Decorex® wheel fastener to your next vehicle program.

Now offering black OEM quality fasteners approved for appearance and durability. Decorex® Black

To purchase our Decorex® Wheel Fasteners, contact us at 847-566-0010, or by visiting our Contact Us page. 


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