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Engineered Components: Gear Blanks

Gear Blanks Key Details

We are one of North America’s largest suppliers of transmission gear blanks to Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s.  We manufacture blanks for planetary transmissions and other applications.  Blanks are available as forged or in a green turned, ready-to-hob state.  Parts are forged from a wide range of materials typical for modern automatic transmissions.

Our forming processes include Hatebur hot forging, National Machinery cold forming and CNC precision machining.  In addition to hot forging and cold forming gear blanks, we have an array of secondary process capabilities to provide even more value to our customers.  These processes include precision machining, spline broaching, power skiving, tooth shaper cutting and cross hole drilling. 

To learn more about our hot forging, cold forming and precision machining capabilities, please visit our production location pages below.

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