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It's been well reported that despite advances in other areas of vehicle safety, pedestrian deaths have been increasing and are at an all-time high.  To address this, OEMs have been working to create engineering solutions to protect the heads of pedestrians during hood area collisions by designing “crush zones” in strategic hood areas.  These solutions help but hard stops, such as the traditional hood leveler, limit their effectiveness.

MFCS is proud to announce our PedPro (Pedestrian Protection) Hood Leveler.  We’ve developed a thermoplastic threaded technology that provides automakers with the traditional hood bumper functionality as well as an energy management functionality that absorbs crash energy and lessens the forces felt by pedestrians in the event of a hood collision event. 

Our PedPro Hood Leveler works via clever design and a specifically designed tooth profile. This design and tooth engagements allow for the top half to collapse into the lower half at predictable decent rates with predetermined impact loads.  This allows for energy absorption and allow automakers one additional option for making their vehicles more safe. 

We’re proud that our PedPro Hood Leveler was recognized as a 2017 finalist in the Safety category of the Society of Plastics Engineers Innovation awards.

Please contact us today to learn more and discuss how this innovation can be added to your next vehicle program.


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