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Fastener Components: Aluminum Spin Weld Nuts

Aluminum Spin Weld Nuts Key Details

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions is continually developing new, innovative solutions to meet our customers needs.  In that mindset, we have recently developed a new line of aluminum spin weld nuts.  This product has been developed to provide a high value fastening solution for those customers that are transitioning more and more from steel to aluminum body and frame components that are used for grounding applications.  Standard metal fasteners cause galvanic corrosion with aluminum, while an aluminum fastener, being common with the mating material, alleviates that issue.

These aluminum spin weld nuts are manufactured at our facility in Mundelein, IL.  We offer off the shelf solutions or we can work with customers to develop specific solutions to meet individual application needs and requirements.

For more information on a weld nut, please feel free to contact us at (847) 566-0100, or by visiting our contact us page.

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