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MacLean Additive is a tooling solutions and advanced materials provider specializing in 3D-printable steel alloys with exceptional hardness and toughness. MacLean Additive's tool steel powders are designed for demanding applications and to be easily printed on a variety of standard laser powder bed fusion printing platforms.

The advanced materials from MacLean Additive enable the significant advantages of Additive Manufacturing for many segments of the tool, die, mold, and specialty part industries.

Additive Manufacturing

MacLean Additive
Formetrix L-40

MacLean Additive's Formetrix L-40 is a patented, high-performance steel alloy designed to provide users with an unparalled combination of hardness, ductility, toughness, and 3D-printability. 


Key Properties

  • Easy to print (from RT to 200C)

  • Prints crack-free

  • Case hardenable to > 70 HRC

  • Safe - contains zero Cobalt

  • Excellent Core Properties:

Hardness: 46 to 52 HRC

Ductility: > 10% Elongation

Toughness: 65 J (v-notch as printed)



With their remarkable combination of hardness, toughness, and ease of use, MacLean Additive high-performance powder materials are a perfect fit for end-users to leverage the benefits of Additive Manufacturing in many of the following applications:

  • Compression Dies

  • Aluminum Die Casting

  • Hot Stamping

  • Injection Molds

  • Specialty Components


To purchase our Formetrix L-40 steel alloy or work with our expert engineers on your next additive manufacturing solution, contact us here.