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Fastener Components: MACLOCK Nuts

MACLOCK Nuts Key Details

Our MACLOCK lock nuts are engineered to provide the highest quality fastening solution for your application.  MACLOCK is one of the most efficient all metal lock nuts on the market today.  The advantages of our MACLOCK nuts are:
• Less prevailing torque is needed to achieve 1st and 5th off requirements.
• A lower torque scatter provides uniform bolt loading.
• Locking in the middle of the nut allows locking effectiveness even when the bolt does not protrude through the top of the nut.
• MACLOCK is fully reusable many times without galling, seizing, or appreciable loss in locking torque.
• The rugged all metal, one piece construction withstands vibration and shock loads.
• There is less nut distortion providing a better wrench fit.

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