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Uni-Torque Lock Nut

Locking Nut Key Details

The top thread section of the Uni-Torque Lock Nuts are scientifically displaced at two 180°opposing areas. This displacement or deflection ovalizes the top threads of the nut and deflects these threads out of their helical configuration. The nature of this locking element is such that it remains spring-like through repeated applications and severe shock loads. In fact, Uni-Torque Lock Nuts have a re-usability of five times or more.

The Uni-Torque Lock Nut starts freely on a bolt or stud like a common nut until the deflected thread portion is reached; then, it requires wrenching to final position anywhere on the mating part. The pronounced chamfer on the top of the nut makes it automatable by sight, feel or selective devices and makes it obvious that the end product is safe-guarded by a lock nut. 

Uni-Torque Advantages

  • Lock on top allows nut to be threaded almost all the way on the bolt before wrenching is required.

  • Lock in middle allows locking effectiveness even when bolt does not protrude through top of nut.

  • Fully reusable many times without galling or seizing and without appreciable loss in locking torque.

  • Low torque scatter provides uniform bolt loading.

  • Rugged all metal, one piece construction withstands severe vibration and shock loads.

  • Precision manufactured on cold forming equipment to assure uniform bearing area, thus giving repeated consistent torque tension results.

  • Spring action of lock permits locking efficiency over the entire range of bolt thread tolerances.

  • Inert to radioactive environments, oils, water, and most chemicals and unaffected by temperatures to 550°F in low carbon steels and much higher temperatures in stainless steel and other materials.

  • Specifications are approved on Ordnance Corps Specifications MS 51988 (WC) and meets procurement Specifications MIL-N-25027B for self-locking requirements for 15 times. Meets new ANSI and I.F.I lock nut specifications.

  • Special low or high locking torques can be supplied for specific applications.

  • Fits standard hand or power socket wrenches.

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