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Engineered Plastics: Functional Engineered Plastics

Functional Engineered Plastics

Functional Engineered Polymer Components take on many different simultaneous dynamics that command a greater level of predictive analysis that many less demanding general purpose applications simply do not require.

At MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions’ Engineered Plastics Company, we rely upon many years of practical plastic design, tooling, processing, and engineered materials expertise, as well as several leading predictive analysis tools available for extreme accuracy, often paramount for our customer’s most challenging requirements.

Mold-flow, mold-fill, shrink-analysis, material-rheumatics, and advanced engineering testing and evaluation are all components of our engineering process when demanding applications are the steady diet of our Engineered Plastics Team.

We can help your engineering team with virtually all aspects of your plastic component development and help guide them to a successful launch of the most difficult functional, close tolerance, molded and insert molded components and assemblies.

Our functional engineered plastics embody the spirit of our MFCS motto Formed Through IngenuityTM.

Interested in ordering?  Please call our sales department now at (248) 853-2525(248) 853-2525.

Please contact us for assistance with your most demanding polymer applications and program tooling recommendations.

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