About Cold Forming

Saegertown Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1965 as a machine shop producing parts for the OEM. Saegertown Manufacturing has since evolved into a leading high volume cold formed and finished components parts supplier.

Cold forming is the process of forming room temperature coil steel into a net shape or near net shape version of a desired component.

SMC utilizes nine National Machinery multiple station progressive cold formers to produce a variety of components for our customers. These include a National Machinery model 245 forming center, a model 1000 five station cold former, and seven model 1250 five/six station cold formers. We produce parts made from carbon and alloy steel, with the possibility of forming additional types of materials in the future.

The advantages of cold forming are:

  • Raw material savings
  • Superior part strength
  • High production rates
  • Good surface quality
  • Consistently close tolerances
  • Part consolidation
  • Long tool life

Contact us to discuss how we can apply a cold forming component solution for your next product.

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