MacLean-Fogg Announces MFCS

MacLean-Fogg Announces MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions

Rochester Hills, MI – February 1, 2012 — Duncan MacLean, President of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions, announced that MacLean Vehicle Systems, a MacLean-Fogg company, has changed its name to MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions and re-defined the corporate brand. MacLean commented, “Over the years, our company’s product portfolio and capabilities have expanded and are now less reliant upon application to just vehicles.  The new MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions brand returns the company’s focus to its heritage of engineering and design thinking.  The new tagline, Formed Through Ingenuity reflects the MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions' corporate brand.  MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions is closely aligned with MacLean-Fogg, the most recognized brand in the industries we serve.  A comprehensive product portfolio can be viewed at

For 85+ years, the MacLean-Fogg Company has solved customers’ problems worldwide with innovative products for the vehicle, industrial, and military markets. The company's driving principle has always been to “Help the industry and we will help ourselves. Solve the customer’s problems at a fair price and on time.”

Since 1925, the MacLean-Fogg Company has been passionate about manufacturing vehicle and industrial components.  Forward thinking and practical ingenuity, along with pride in forming, are the keys to the success of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions. Jim Tanner, Vice President Business Development said, “We continuously form industry relationships and connections and understand manufacturing challenges our customers face.  We know that details make a difference and our ingenious touches define the MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions difference in the marketplace.  We are uniquely positioned to deliver solutions tailored to customers' needs."

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions supplies Fastener Components, Engineered Components and Linkage & Suspension Components to a wide range of industries including automotive, heavy truck, appliance, wind, and mining. Fastener Components products include Securex and Decorex brand wheel fasteners, high temperature Lockthread bolts, and a wide variety of internally threaded fasteners such as Whiz-Lock, Clinch-Lok and Steplok nuts. Engineered Components products include cold formed and machined components, horizontal hot-formed components and engineered functional plastics. Linkage and Suspension Components products include aluminum control arms, ball studs, housings, plastics and PogoStik linkages.

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions is a division of the MacLean-Fogg Company, a worldwide enterprise with 23 North American manufacturing facilities, 11 international facilities, annual sales of $800+ million, and a worldwide workforce of more than 3,000 people. The MacLean-Fogg Company provides engineered metal and plastic components to the industrial, automotive, military and aerospace markets, and unique devices used in the transmission and distribution of power. For more information, visit or contact Bradley Southwood, 248-853-2525,



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