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Mundelein Quoting Process Improvement

MFCS has been steadily gaining new business over the years, naturally causing a significant increase in quote requests to process. As a company, we have realized that the quotation process we currently have in play today will not keep up with our customers’ needs, which is at the top of our priority list. Because of a successful kaizen event, Mundelein now has a solid plan to reduce quote turnaround times by the end of the calendar year to better serve our customers' needs.


The Rotational Program Takes on the Carolinas

The MacLean-Fogg Manufacturing Management Program (MMP) is a two-year rotational program that allows high potential recent college graduates to make a measurable impact early in their professional careers. Rotational Engineers work side-by-side with current MacLean-Fogg engineers on projects and assignments that will create a challenging and rewarding experience. Currently, recent graduates are working at PWK, MacLean Curtis-Cornelius, Metform, Mundelein, Royal Oak, EPC and Maynard.


Saegertown Plant Achieves 100% Participation in Lean Basic Program

Saegertown began Lean Basic classes in July of 2013 and is excited to have reached 100% trained. They still have a challenge, which is, “How do we make sure that we give people the time and the resources needed to complete their deliverables?” Currently, their plant is at 58% certification rate. Their 2016 certification goal is 100%.


Lockthread Solves Problems and Earns New Business

The MFCS sales team and Maynard are constantly striving to grow their business and increase the market share on their high temperature product line. In the fall of 2015, for one particular large diesel engine customer, persistence finally met opportunity.


MFCS Sales Office Move

After 15 years, the MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions sales office has moved to a new location at 6001 N. Adams Road, Suite 250, Bloomfield, Hills, MI 48304. The new office building is about 3 miles south of the previous Rochester Hills, MI location. Instead of a standalone building with warehouse space that wasn’t being used to the fullest and costing more than necessary, the MFCS sales office downsized into an office building.


MacLean Curtis Keeps Moving Forward

As the site for the new MacLean Curtis facility in Mooresville is being prepared and the building construction begins, the team at MacLean Curtis in Cornelius, NC is taking full advantage of the opportunity to lay out the new facility with a clean slate. Utilizing a series of kaizens as part of a 3P process, the team has identified areas in which improvements can be implemented that will greatly impact the efficiency of the new facility.


Saegertown and MFCS Curtis Teamwork

Steal shamelessly is a motto that most would be embarrassed to live by, but this does not hold true in terms of MacLean-Fogg overall corporate Lean initiatives. During the annual Operational Transformation summit, all OT members were encouraged to steal and implement any and all the fantastic ideas that have been developed at sister plants and bring them back to their home facilities.


Saegertown Red Safety Tag Program

Saegertown just wrapped up its second full year of the “red safety tag” program with 585 individual tags submitted in 2015 (up from 110 in 2014!) This program is intended to bring to attention and resolve unsafe plant conditions.


GM Recognizes MFCS as 2015 Supplier of the Year Winner

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions was named a GM Supplier of the Year by General Motors during its 24th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony held Thursday, March 10 at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. General Motors recognized 110 of its best suppliers from 17 countries that have consistently exceeded GM’s expectations, created outstanding value, or brought new innovations to the company. This is the first time in MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions’ history we have received this award.


Operational Transformation: 5S

A few years have passed since moving into our Troy, MI factory. Troy has stamped over 500M stainless steel parts, assembled over 80M wheel fasteners, and shipped product to customers around the world. With those large production volumes come many thousands of tons of scrap metal, tens of thousands of gallons of lubricants, dust from millions of nut bodies, dirt brought into the plant from thousands of semi-trucks and many other sources. The 5S program helped keep it all in check.

Results: 53 Articles(s) Found.

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