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Fastener Components: A286 Stainless Steel Bolts and Studs

A286 Stainless Steel Bolts and Studs Key Details

Thermal cycling and high vibration can wreak havoc on bolted joints causing fasteners to loosen and loss of clamp load.  The top OEMs turn to MacLean-Fogg Maynard High Temperature Bolts and Studs for applications with extreme temperatures, such as engine exhaust and turbo chargers.

A286 is typically used in applications where fastener operating temperatures can reach 650 degrees Celsius. MacLean-Fogg Maynard is a leader in manufacturing A286 fasteners.  Other fastener manufacturers claim to be proficient with A286, but often they lack the tool design capability and material knowledge to form and thread A286.  Maynard has been producing difficult to form materials for over 25 years.

Applicable Material Specifications:

  • ASTM A453/A453M 660
  • DIN EN10269 – 1.4980
  • SUH660
  • AMS 5732
  • Honeywell IDM-6028
  • Cummins 33042
  • CAT 1E1100

The advantages of our high temperature products include:
• Specialty alloys to withstand up to 800 degrees Celsius.
• Minimize oxidation and corrosion at high temperature.
• Minimize galling with proper coating and plating.
• Often manufactured with MacLean-Fogg Lockthread
• Metric and Inch sizes available
Ability to supply nuts as well as bolts/studs

  These additional advantages are available when paired with MacLean-Fogg Lockthread:
• Strong, self-locking action
• High shear resistance
• Resists shock vibration
• Produces uniform clamping loads
• Mates with standard threaded nuts and tapped holes
• Prevailing torque in prescribed limits
• Easy to install with standard tools
• Removable and reusable.

Our fasteners are found in high temperature joints in vehicles of all types.

If you think we can help you with your next application, please feel free to Contact Us via the website or call us at 586-949-0471 (ask for the application engineering department).  We will be happy to speak with you.  Please feel free to click around our site to learn more about all of MFCS' products and capabilities.


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