Top 10 ways to Experience MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions at the 2014 North American International Auto Show

January 15, 2014 08:07 AM

As the 2014 North American International Auto Show kicks off in full swing this week, we wanted to point out that although we may not have an exhibiting booth at the show, our products are certainly on full display.  MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions appear on multiple vehicles and in product displays all around the show.  We support the majority of the automakers participating in the NAIAS and can be found on a variety of aspects of several vehicles.  The following are the top 10 ways to experience MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions at this year’s NAIA:

10. Ball Studs and Ball Joint Housings

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions offers one and two-piece ball studs that are cold formed to minimize material allowances for secondary machining processes. Our cold-formed Ball Pins are usually delivered to our customers including heat treatment, rolled thread roll and internal drive applied. Additionally, we offer a variety of OBJ (outer ball joint), IBJ (inner ball joint), and SBJ (suspension ball joint) housings, as well as SBL (stabilizer ball link) housings.

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M​anufacturing Facility:  Saegertown, PA, PWK located in Krefeld, Germany, and Mecacentre located in St. Etienne, France

9. Internally Threaded Fasteners

At our Mundelein, IL manufacturing facility, also the headquarters of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions, we manufacture over 500,000,000 internally threaded fasteners per year for automotive, heavy duty and other industrial markets.  Our product portfolio includes Clinch-Lok, aluminum spin weld nuts, Step-Lok, Sta-tite, and prevailing torque nuts, as well as cold formed specials.

Some of the finest cars you’ll see at the show are held together by internally threaded fasteners from our Mundelein plant.

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Manufacturing Facility:  Mundelein, IL

8. Transmission and Engine Fluid Plugs

We supply fluid plugs for some of the world’s most advanced automotive transmissions and transaxles.  We currently offer fluid plugs from M8 to M22.  These parts can be manufactured from steel, aluminum and other materials.

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Manufacturing Facility: Mundelein, IL

7. Shock Absorber Components

We provide custom cold formed components for shock absorber assemblies. Our net shape designs and processes minimize steel scrap and machining effort. Our engineers work with yours to optimize parts to your needs and assure the highest value.

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Manufacturing Facility:  Saegertown, PA

6. Steering Column Spiders

The ZF PWK Mecacentre division in St. Etienne, France (a joint venture between ZF Friedrichshafen and MFCS’ PWK division) is a world leader in the production of spiders for steering column applications. There we forge, heat treat and grind millions of parts annually to the exact specifications needed by the world’s leading steering system companies.

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Manufacturing Facility:  Mecacentre located in St. Etienne, France

5. PogoStik Suspension Linkages

The PogoStik is an innovative, high-value suspension linkage designed to replace double ball joints in automotive suspension systems.  The HiPerStik is our high-performance variant.  These light weight, high value designs are proven to reduce assembly and warranty costs.  Our simple, three-piece design is available in varying lengths and stiffness. 

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Manufacturing Facility:  Liederbach, Germany and Whitewater, WI

4. Transmission Gears

Our customers include nearly every automatic transmission manufacturer in North America.  We forge and machine steel to create ready-to-hob blanks that our customers turn into gears for some of the most advanced transmissions in the world. We are one of North America’s largest suppliers of hot forged transmission gear blanks to Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s.  We supply blanks for planetary transmissions and other applications.  In addition to hot forged transmission gear blanks, we also supply cold formed gear blanks to major OEMs as well.  These cold formed blanks are near net shape and can be precision-machined in-house (per customer requirements) and supplied ready for customer use. 

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Manufacturing Facilities:  Saegertown, PA and Metform located in Savannah, IL

3. Aluminum Frame Fasteners

As our customers move more and more from steel to aluminum body and frame components, we understand the importance of being able to provide aluminum fasteners to be used in this new environment.  With that in mind, we have developed our first aluminum spin weld nuts for these applications with our first application being on a major vehicle launch in late 2014.  These light weight parts help customers in achieving their goals of reducing the overall weight of the vehicle and recognizing improved fuel economy.

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Manufacturing Facility:  Mundelein, IL

2. Turbo Charger Fasteners

MFCS Chesterfield Township, also known as MacLean-Maynard, is the recognized global leader in the manufacture of bolts and studs for high temperature and high vibration applications, such as turbo chargers and exhaust manifolds. Our Improved Lockthread and Self-Aligning Lockthread are recognized industry leading products used by OEMs and Suppliers around the globe. 

We develop and manufacture solutions for the most challenging bolted vehicle joints.  We work with our customers to understand their application and fastening needs, and then we design the proper bolt or stud for their application. Our application and product knowledge combine to enable us to provide superior customer service.

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Manufacturing Facility:  MacLean Maynard located in Chesterfield Twp., MI

1. Decorative Wheel Fasteners

It’s the cars that shine on the stage at the auto show, and nothing on the car shines brighter than our decorative wheel fasteners

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions is the market leader in decorative cap wheel fasteners for automotive applications.  Our proprietary technology yields a stainless steel capped wheel fastener that provides industry-leading durability and a modern stylish look without using chrome.  This way, we avoid the rust and chrome delamination issues of competing products.  We offer designs customizable to customer requirements, and variations are available that can be applied to aluminum wheels without the need for a steel insert.

If you see a decorative wheel fastener at the NAIAS on a major North American production vehicle, it most likely it came from MFCS!

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Manufacturing Facility:  Royal Oak, MI

In addition to all of the products mentioned above, MFCS can be found on a variety of other areas on the vehicle.  Please visit​ for our automotive application diagram.



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