Metform featured in latest Netshape Magazine

January 8, 2013 12:56 PM
Netshape Cover
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Netshape, the official magazine of Hatebur, has featured Metform as the cover story for their latest edition.  The article focuses on the recent growth of the Metform Hot Forging capabilities via the addition of our new AMP50XL hot forging press.
Among the article's highlights:
"In addition to the nine existing Hatebur Hotformers, the company Metform, a MacLean-Fogg
Company, installed a new Hatebur AMP 50XL (HFE ) in August 2011. With the increased range of
parts up to 110 mm, Metform has the opportunity to quote a large family of parts."
"The investments in the new AMP 50 Hotformer also lead to new customers.  Eight new customers are now receiving parts and components, many of them are a part of the automotive industry, some non-automotive. These companies’ interest peaked when they realized that this new machine increased the size capability and the precision capability of Metform. A good number of these customers also brought
other business to Metform which can be handled by the AMP 20s and AMP 30s machines."
The key strength of Metform are the people – everything starts with the people, the know-how and the skill set as a business in the forging business for almost 36 years.  People at Metform have further developed their strengths in the core processes hot forging, cold forming and CNC machining.  These people are really outstanding at Metform.  Another key strength is the fact that  Metform is a diversified company in the sense of what markets are being served and the strong emphasis on continued product and process development. This is a fundamental aspect for Metform to drive the business forward as part of the MacLean-Fogg company which is a strong, dedicated, innovative and passionate family"
The read the story in it's entirety, please click here
To learn more about Metform, visit Metform on the MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions website by clicking here.


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