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Here at MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions Chesterfield Township (MacLean Maynard), our expertise is in the design, forming and assembly of fasteners for high temperature, high vibration joints.

Our engineering knowledge and manufacturing know-how allows us to design, manufacture and validate fastening solutions that save our customer's system cost, weight and warranty problems.

We were founded in 1947 as Maynard Manufacturing Company as a supplier of internal engine and accessory mounting hardware made on standard screw machines.  Over the years we expanded and evolved into a leading supplier of high temperature and high vibration bolts and studs. 

Maynard Manufacturing Company was purchased by MacLean-Fogg in 1997.

In 2015, MacLean Maynard partnered with EJOT Taicang China to make our Lockthread Design and Quality available in China to serve the local Automotive Market. - Brochure (English and Chinese Language)

Please feel free to contact us to learn more and see how we can help you on your next high temperature joint project.

China Partnership

In partnership with EJOT Taicang, our Lockthread Design and Quality are now available in China to serve the local Automotive Market.

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Fasteneing for High Temperature / High Vibration Joints

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